Poulissen Camper Service Urmond: without worries on the road!

Visit Bosch Car Service Urmond for a vacation without difficulties. We will do everything for you and your camper.

Complete maintenance

We maintain and repair all kinds of Campers for years. We perform both the technical aspects as the reparation and maintenance for the construction of the camper. Increasingly more campers are provided with the most complex electrical installations, which we love to take care of. We are used to these systems and won't stop until the problem is solved.

You can contact us for the following jobs:

• Maintenance, reparation and APK check
• Damage, valuation and reparation
• Montage of all accessories: bicycle , air conditioning, cruise control
• Moist measurements
• (Winter) Tires en align of tires
• Camera- and alarm systems, navigation

Certificated BOVAG dealer
National Car Certificate
Afbeelding van camper



Heirstraat 10
6129 PK Urmond


046 - 43 37 878



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